Having completed courses at Reigate School of Art and later, courses in Creative and Commercial Art, Caroline has developed her talent and passion to become one of North Scotlands' established and sought after artists.

With an affinity for all things sea related (but not limited to) Caroline specializes in producing works of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland in her primary medium of oil.

Dark stormy skies, a play of light on the sea, all are an endless source of fascination and inspiration to her. Whether exploring the shoreline at dusk or witnessing a new day dawning, walking and sketching in these sometimes remote and wild areas has proved to be very rewarding.

The whole experience of sometimes being in a very isolated location makes the drama of the subject all the more powerful and exciting to work from. Visual memory and drawing in charcoal directly from the subject are all part of her creative process.

The oil painting is then later developed in the peaceful and rural location of her studio in Moray.

Carolines’ paintings are exhibited in galleries throughout the north of Scotland and can be found in collections in both the United Kingdom and abroad.